A Passion for Painting - new exhibition launches at Wallington

Watercolour of the house at Wallington by Caroline Lady Trevelyan

A Passion for Painting – the Lady behind the brush will scratch the surface of the story of this prolific watercolourist who travelled extensively and whose influence on the Wallington we know and love today has so far been largely untold.

Immerse yourself in the watercolours of Caroline Lady Trevelyan as you uncover her love of painting, specifically of landscapes both at Wallington and further afield. Learn more about who she was; her life and her family. How much of this underrepresented Lady is still apparent in the House today? What were her contributions to the story of Wallington? Stroll around the House and look out for the roundels highlighting different items relating to Caroline.

A Passion for Painting – views of then and now forms an interactive arm of the exhibition and will take you outside to find the landscapes that inspired her art and that she loved so dearly. With five image cards in hand collected from the House or Visitor Welcome, explore the property to find the locations and see how much they have changed over the last century. Be inspired to make your own sketch or simply take a photograph and share it with us on our social media using #myWallington