Autumn at Wallington

Wallington in Autumn

As the season shifts and the air takes on an altogether chillier feel, we embrace a change of pace and say goodbye to the summer months.

Autumn is captured so perfectly at Wallington as the great outdoors and walking opportunities on the estate invite you take a step back from the everyday and contemplate the here and now. For those that like to explore unaccompanied, there is the space here to be free from crowds but for those that prefer company, you join a ranger and team up with others for a group walk.

Across the estate, the trees display their autumn colours and can be enjoyed on the wonderful walks taking you around the estate. From the river walk under the shelter of the bronzed leaves above to the Broom House Farm walk across a wider landscape, each Wallington walk allows the little piece of escapism we almost always forget we need.

New this autumn is a range of photography experiences during October. Whether you are an enthusiastic beginner or highly experienced, you can enjoy an opportunity to capture the estate as this special time of year. The photography experiences are:

  • Special spaces - Rothley Lake photography experience at dawn
  • Special spaces - Capturing autumn colour at dusk
  • Special spaces - Rothley Lake photography experience at dusk

All the details can be found here

For those of you that enjoyed the leaf clearing in the Courtyard last year, it's back again this year! The rakes are at the ready, just waiting for you all to come along from early October to give us a hand!