Discover Wallington's secret garden in spring

Visitors enjoying Wallington walled garden

It’s spring and the garden is coming to life with all the promise and excitement of the new season. Unique in its position, carved into the hillside, the Walled Garden has been a firm visitor favourite for decades. Each year, this characterful garden becomes ever more enchanting and whether you’re a dedicated horticulturalist or simply appreciate a pretty flower or a quiet corner, the Walled garden is just the tonic.

A peaceful stroll through the East woods brings you to a rather unassuming gate. The beautifully named Neptune Gate provides no hint of the spectacle that lies beyond. If it’s atmosphere you’re after, the walled garden is the place to be in every season.

The Mary Pool, a stone water feature with seating either side is the first sight to greet you. There really is something about the sound of trickling water and you could quite easily while away the hours enjoying the peace and views down the garden from here but when you’re ready to explore, there’s plenty more to see. The Lower Terrace Border has recently been rejuvenated and is full of interest with climbers that embrace the old wall and a combination of plants that please the wildlife. Move on through the garden and you’ll come across the ‘Nuttery’ or Orchard Square, which as well as housing a wonderful collection of ornamental trees, is also home to Wallington’s beehives, just starting to wake up. On sunny days, keep your eyes peeled for the first workers coming out to forage.

On the ground, the flowers of spring are the carpets of bulbs such as narcissus (daffodils) and scilla at the bottom of the Walled Garden. The ‘Nuttery’ has a wonderful display that starts with snowdrops, followed by crocus ‘Snow bunting’ and continuing with narcissus ‘Jenny’, a lovely delicate little white daffodil.

Spring flower Chionodoxa in Wallington's walled garden
Spring flower Chionodoxa in Wallington's walled garden
Spring flower Chionodoxa in Wallington's walled garden

At this time of year, look out for the first ducklings and moorhen chicks on the ponds in the walled garden and surrounding areas. Keep your eyes peeled for frolicking lambs in the field next door - the layout of the garden makes it look like they can jump right over the wall and into the garden. See emerging bumble bee queens looking for a suitable nest site - she will fly low over the ground investigating all the little holes and cracks until the perfect spot appears.

Once spring hands on the baton to summer, a visit to the walled garden is like visiting for the first time all over again, so be sure to soak up some summer rays on another wander through this little haven.