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Treat yourself in the shop during your visit or take some time picking out that perfect gift for someone special from our inspiring ranges. From home and garden accessories to tasty treats, books and pocket money toys, the whole family can enjoy a spot of shopping at Wallington.

Wallington's shops

On one side of the clocktower you'll find our main gift shop, stocked with a wide range of quality products, including many locally produced items, cards, books, toys, confectionary, home accessories, bags, scarves, jewellery, toiletries and gift ideas.  The second of Wallington's shops is situated on the other side of the clocktower and is full of seasonal items to inspire you including many garden and nature related products.   

In England, wearing a face covering is a personal choice, although they are recommended in crowded and enclosed places. 

Shop local

We believe it's important to support local businesses and in our main shop we sell a selection of hand picked products.  Read more about some of the local suppliers we're working with.

Connell & Hart

Diane Hart and Paul Connell live and work in Northumberland. Making jewellery since 1989 they use a method based on the Pâté de Verre technique involving arranging grains of coloured and clear glass in hand carved moulds and fusing them in a kiln.

The Pure Candle Co.

The Pure Candle Company craft hand-poured 100% soy wax candles in their Northumberland studio, using soy wax and fragrances sourced and created in the UK. The candle fragrances are inspired by nature to calm, soothe and delight your senses and are environmentally friendly in every way.

They use 100% soy wax which is ethically produced from sustainable sources. The candles are clean burning, with no smoking or leftover wax and it’s not just the candles themselves that are environmentally friendly. As soy wax is biodegradable and water soluble, it means the glass containers are easily washable, making them recyclable or reusable - they make perfect drinking glasses!        

Carol Nunan

Carol Nunan is an artist and printmaker. She considers herself extraordinarily lucky to live in a beautiful part of the UK, in the historic market town of Hexham, which is at the heart of Hadrian’s Wall country in Northumberland.

‘I’m inspired by the wide skies and broad landscapes of my adopted home of Northumberland. There is so much rich history here – Hadrian’s Wall and the Romans, Neolithic stones, bronze age and Border Reiver settlements, medieval castles and the shoreline. That is not to forget the wild and rare flora and fauna, the geology of the Whin Sill and last but not least, the spectacular dark skies at night.’

Choose from a selection of greetings cards and prints that make lovely gifts while knowing the inspiration behind them

Lucy Clayton

With over 20 years’ experience in jewellery and design, Lucy collaborates with the artists in the North East where she lives and works, to make this unique jewellery collection.

The designs are inspired by the country around Hadrian’s Wall, the wildlife and seascapes of our beautiful coastline.

Each item is supplied on a card with details about the artists’ work that has been transferred onto nickel discs by Lucy.

Book of the Month

A National Trust Miscellany: Secrets, Surprises and Strange Things of All Kinds, £8.99

By Ian Allen

A National Trust Miscellany: Secrets, Surprises and Strange Things of All Kinds
A National Trust Miscellany: Secrets, Surprises and Strange Things of All Kinds
A National Trust Miscellany: Secrets, Surprises and Strange Things of All Kinds

Discover staggering statistics, strange facts and surprising nuggets of history from the National Trust in this alternative handbook. Find out about secret passages and hidden rooms, intriguing items (a cucumber straightener), bizarre buildings (a revolving shed; a 16-sided house), odd jobs (“Doctor of Dance”) and fascinating characters such as the aristocrat who converted his car to spray perfume from its exhaust. Whether you’re a lover of the strange-but-true side of history or a collector of impressive trivia, it’s all here.

Ian Allen is an editor and author. His books include The Strangest Cricket Quiz Book and The Book of Dad Jokes.

Go on, treat yourself - every purchase you make helps look after Wallington.