Wildlife in the water at Wembury

Man holding a crab in front of boy over pockpool

Wembury is home to a fantastic array of marine life just waiting to be discovered by the adventurous or those with sharp eyes.

Keep a look out for basking sharks, porpoises and dolphins, all of which have all been seen swimming in Wembury Bay. On the nearby Netton Island, seals can be seen basking.

There is plenty for divers and snorkelers to see below the waves including Thornback rays, angler fish and squid, whilst the reefs contain sea sponges and sea fans. In the nearby river Yealm, Pacific oysters can be found, a symptom of climate change and warmer seas.

Marine life can also be found much closer to hand. The rock pools on Wembury Beach are some of the best in the country and are teeming with life. See if you can find limpets, sea anemones, crabs and starfish.