Volunteer at Wightwick Manor

Scarecrow in the Kitchen garden, Wightwick

Volunteers have been making Wightwick tick for over 50 years. Today we have a team of nearly 300 involved in everything we do - welcoming visitors, telling stories, selling gifts, serving food, pulling weeds, painting signs the list goes on. You might be surprised how many you'll meet.

The Wightwick volunteer team and vital to everything we do, infact as you visit the site you are just as likely to be chatting to a volunteer as to a member of staff.

Our reception volunteers work seamlessly with our recruiting team to provide a warm welcome, and the person giving you a lift in our electric buggy will be a volunteer as well.

Likewise the welcome at the door and the people who answer your questions as you move around the house will be volunteers who have a passion and knowledge for what they do. Having ago at some family crafts - yep these smiley people are volunteers as well.

Even in our commercial arms volunteers play a key role. Serving food and selling gifts their hard work raises money to support our conservation efforts.

Every year we hold a summer BBQ, just one of the ways we say thank to our volunteers
Volunteer enjoying the annual summer BBQ at Wightwick Manor

We have a team of around 30 garden volunteers who spend their days in sun, rain or snow weeding, mowing and pruning to keep the garden looking great. Volunteer handy men spend Tuesdays painting, sawing and fixing things to keep things moving. In the house volunteers help clean the collection and update our records.

Garden team members sharing a laugh
Garden team members sharing a laugh

Feel inspired to join our happy band? We have limited spaces for new volunteers in our garden and tea-room on Mondays, Fridays and over the weekend.