Our places provide homes for lots of different types of wildlife. We're working to ensure that these special places and their residents stay protected

Azure blue damselfly resting on green leaf
A seal on a beach at Blakeney Point, the solitary seal is balanced on its midriff on the yellow sand and the sky is a vivid blue in the background

Take a walk on the wild side 

Browse all our wildlife and nature content in one place. Learn about the incredible animals and plants that bring extra magic to our places.

The adonis blue butterfly on a carline thistle

Protecting rare butterflies 

Being delicate insects, butterflies are a great indicator of how healthy the landscape is. In recent years, the numbers of rare butterflies have begun to bounce back. Find out how they're flying out of danger.

a nightingale singing at croome

Wildlife success stories 

Thanks to your support, nature and wildlife is thriving. Discover how you're helping to protect and maintain the good health of the land we look after and the animals that call it home.

Bring nature home

Puffins on the Farne Islands, Northumberland

Our views on nature and wildlife 

As the UK’s biggest land owner, we strive to maintain our land as an environment that supports a rich diversity of life. Read our positions on nature, our work on reconnecting children with nature, and conservation stories from our places.

Safeguarding nature

Find out how we're helping to look after natural habitats and native species