Our places provide habitats for lots of different species of wildlife. We're working to ensure that these places and their residents remain protected

A grey seal pup

We're working hard to protect...

Wicken Fen - Short Eared Owl

Six top migrant birds to see this autumn 

Thousands of birds return in autumn to spend their winters in Britain. Ecologist Peter Brash picks his top six birds to see at our places this autumn and winter.

Diane is visitor reception manager and beekeeper at The Courts Garden, Wiltshire

Meet the Beekeeper 

Read about our resident beekeeper and visitor reception manager Diane Sleigh, who works at The Courts Garden, Wiltshire.

A night roost for bats, Paddock Cottage

Bats about conservation 

Building surveyor Robert Westmoreland explains how Paddock Cottage in Lyme has been restored to cater for bats

Top natural habitats

A Robin resting on a fence post

Our guide to birdsong 

Ever listened to cheerful chirping and wondered just what was behind the melody? Our birdsong guide will help you out.

Safeguarding nature

Find out how we're helping to look after natural habitats and native species.