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Blue tit
Puffin on the Farne Islands, Northumberland

The 2022 puffin count has begun on the Farne Islands 

This year’s puffin count, which will take until the end of July to complete, will be vital for understanding how the seabirds are faring following two years of restricted surveys due to coronavirus.

Formby, Merseyside

Sand dunes at Formby to become refuge for wildlife 

Sand dunes, once used as a dumping ground for waste tobacco, will be transformed into a haven for rare wildlife, including the natterjack toad. The project to restore the 'tobacco cliffs' at Formby in Merseyside involves excavating wedges of sand to create new undulating dunes. This will give the rare toads the best possible conditions to thrive.

Common Blue Butterfly

Top spots for summer wildlife 

A warm day is the perfect excuse to get out in nature. From seabirds to baby deer, there's plenty of wildlife to look out for near you or at the places in our care this summer.

A seal on the beach

2021 weather and wildlife review highlights 

Extreme weather events and natural disasters punctuate a year that saw a range of climate impacts on nature. We explore how unseasonable conditions, wildfires, storms and warm temperatures have made 'winners' and 'losers' out of the UK's wildlife.

Conservation highlights

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Aylsham, Norfolk

One day is never enough. Discover a complete Norfolk estate with something for everyone.

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Plympton, Devon

A wooded valley opening up to the moors of Dartmoor with a rich and varied industrious past

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Ely, Cambridgeshire

The National Trust's oldest nature reserve, and England's most famous fen

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An Adonis blue butterfly

Give back to nature 

More than ever before, nature has been our source of comfort during difficult times. But climate change is accelerating the decline of these green spaces. Nature gives us so much – donate today and help us protect these places and the wildlife that lives there.

Safeguarding nature

Find out how we're helping to look after natural habitats and native species