Conservation in action at Winchester City Mill

For centuries, City Mill has been an integral part of Winchester’s heritage. From its early Anglo Saxon origins to the present day, it has withstood the demands of time. During the heavy floods over the winter of 2013/14, the Mill suffered huge damage with much of the building inundated by the main flow of the river. The sheer weight of water posed a real threat of carrying the building’s walls away.

In 2017 we embarked on a fundraising campaign. Thanks to the generosity of our visitors and the local community we’re now able to begin the vital repairs needed to save this much-loved building. Read on to find out about changes to your visit, and a rare opportunity to watch conservation in action.

Saving Winchester City Mill, one beam at a time

Thanks a Mill-ion

Thank you to everyone who helped save Winchester City Mill; we've been overwhelmed by your support. You came to the rescue in your droves; buying raffle tickets, giving donations, supporting our Millathon and duck race and hosting your own fundraising events to raise money for us. Because of you, we are now able to safeguard the survival of Winchester City Mill for generations to come.

National Trust undertakes flood resilience works at Winchester City Mill, Hampshire, 2019

Exciting and important changes to your visit 

March 20 - early July: See first-hand how the money raised is being used to ensure the future of Britain’s oldest working watermill.


Re-live City Mill's restoration project

Re-watch our 2018 major restoration work to save Winchester City Mill with our time lapse video footage. See into the bowels of the building and watch intricate repairs being made to oak beams that haven’t see the light of day for decades.


It's not just humans who want to save the Mill

In 1994, three otters were reintroduced to the River Itchen. Since then, these rare and elusive creatures have thrived. The otters’ adventures are captured by our motion activated cameras as they emerge from under the Mill. Otters are so often spotted at City Mill that our footage has regularly featured on nature programmes such as Springwatch and Countryfile. It’s vitally important that this project continues.

" Winchester City Mill is probably the oldest working watermill in the country, one of Winchester’s much-loved historic treasures and our visitors love to see it in action. It is only with your support that we can keep the Mill open to visitors in the future, to tell its story for the next generation."
- Dame Helen Ghosh, former Director-General