Baking and recipe cards at Winchester City Mill

All the family can sample the tasty recipes at Winchester City Mill's baking demonstrations

Visit the Mill during one of our regular baking demonstration days and discover how our team of volunteer bakers combine our freshly milled stoneground flour with local seasonal ingredients to produce delicious treats for you to sample. Please note that all our baking demonstrations are subject to volunteer availability so do check our events page before visiting.

Winchester City Mill's stoneground wholemeal flour and recipe cards
Winchester City Mill, National Trust, wholemeal flour and recipe cards
Winchester City Mill's stoneground wholemeal flour and recipe cards

Our Flour

Our volunteers regularly demonstrate traditional flour milling using the power of the River Itchen. We mill English bread wheat, sourced from within the South Downs National Park, to produce traditional stoneground wholemeal flour. The whole grain is milled, including wheat germ and bran, to produce flour with all the nutrients and flavour of the natural wheat. This product is produced entirely using green energy, is low in food miles and helps support British farmers.

Our Baking Demonstrations

Since 2010, Winchester City Mill has been providing regular weekend baking demonstrations for our visitors to enjoy. During these demonstrations, our team of volunteers bake a variety of delicious seasonal themed recipes for you to sample. 

These demonstrations have been featured in the Sunday Times, Waitrose magazine, as well as BBC South Today.Click here to watch the full video of Alexis Green, from BBC South Today, cooking Winchester City Mill's Christmas cake with help from our volunteers.

Our Recipe Cards

As our baking demonstrations have grown in popularity, our team of volunteer bakers have developed a range of recipe cards, using our stoneground wholemeal flour, for you try at home.

Don’t forget to pick up  one of Winchester City Mill’s specially made recipe cards during your visit, or download a sample card below.

Apple & Marmalade Recipe Card (PDF / 0.85546875MB) download

Carrot Cake Recipe Card (PDF / 0.8115234375MB) download

Cheese Scones Recipe Card (PDF / 0.8056640625MB) download

Christmas/Celebration Cake Recipe Card (PDF / 0.904296875MB) download

Fruit Scones Recipe Card (PDF / 0.8232421875MB) download

Soda Bread Recipe Card (PDF / 0.861328125MB) download

Spiced Apple Cake Recipe Card (PDF / 0.80078125MB) download

Wholemeal Bread Recipe Card (PDF / 0.90625MB) download