Autumn colour at Winkworth

When autumn arrives, Winkworth bursts into colour, its yellows, oranges and reds painting a breathtaking picture across the landscape. Learn more about Wilfrid Fox's visionary collection, and find out about the best time to see the plants at the peak of their autumnal finery.

Autumn trees to spot

Stunning views

Dr. Fox used plants to paint a picture in the landscape - and the best way to truly appreciate his work is from a distance. For the best views, seek out the viewpoints on the edge of the Magnolia Wood, the top of the Azalea Steps, the lakeside Boathouse and the eastern Meadow

Bountiful berries

Don't miss the berries for the trees - holly, rowan, spindle, Chinese dogwood and Harlequin beauty berry all put on brilliant displays in the autumnal period.

Fascinating fungi

Along with this seasonal extravaganza of leaves, nuts and fruits, autumn also brings with it a season of spectacular fungi. Often hidden amongst the trees, nestled into roots, or growing in nooks and crannies, there’s a whole world of mushroom oddities waiting to be discovered. 

Whilst beautiful, some fungi can be extremely poisonous, so it is recommended that people do not pick or touch fungi in the wild without expert guidance as species are hard to identify.

Keen photographers will enjoy the chance to capture images of the fungi, which can appear as anything from small, delicate, toadstool like mushrooms, much like those in fairy tales, or as huge bracket fungi clinging to the bark of trees. They have names to match too, whether it’s oakbug milkcap, giant puffball or orange-peel fungus.

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