Restoring Winkworth project

Winkworth Arboretum, Surrey

Winkworth Arboretum was created over 80 years ago as a glorious celebration of trees. It was the creation of local physician and horticulturalist Dr Wilfrid Fox in the 1930s and has been in the complete care of the National Trust since 1988.

Our proposal

We have drawn up plans for a new visitor centre based on previous consultations with stake-holders, visitors and the local community.

The building will include a café, shop, toilets, visitor reception and office space.

A new car-park will be created and the existing car-park will be integrated back into the Arboretum. This will be better for visitors and help to ease traffic congestion on the road at busy times.

Planning application

We are pleased to confirm that we have now submitted our planning application for a new visitor centre and car park to Waverley Borough Council.

If you would like to view or comment on our application, please visit the planning portal:    (Ref ‘PLE/2019/0989’)

We are very grateful for all the support and encouragement we received during the pre-application stage and we hope our application is successful.

Meanwhile, if you have any queries or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us –  

Contact us 

We are keen to know what you think of our plans which you can see below.  Please email us: The plans are also on display at the Arboretum.

Our challenges

We urgently need to increase our income to enable the restoration and continuing care of the Arboretum.

Our visitor facilities were built in the 1980s.  They are no longer adequate and struggle to cope at busy times.

Our staff and volunteers need more space and better resources to carry out their work looking after this special place.

The benefits

Winkworth will have modern and welcoming facilities that its visitors and the place itself deserve.

Our staff and volunteers will have the space and resources they need.

The additional income will fund the restoration and care of the Arboretum so that future generations can continue to enjoy its unique beauty and tranquillity in the changing seasons throughout the year.