Saving Winkworth's Boathouse

The boathouse seen from across Rowe's Flashe Lake in September

A place of peace

Built over 100 years ago, Winkworth's iconic boathouse has withstood storms, played host to film crews and weddings, and provided a place of tranquility for thousands of visitors. Far more than just a place to store rowboats, its upper floor offers an incredible view over Rowe's Flashe Lake from the balcony, or from a quiet seat by the window. Positioned in one of the most picturesque areas of the Arboretum, the boathouse is appreciated by visitors as a place to observe the resident waterfowl, watch the seasons gradually etch their colours on the landscape, or simply sit and contemplate in a place of peace.

The stark winter landscape viewed from the boathouse
The view over Rowe's Flashe Lake from the Boathouse
The stark winter landscape viewed from the boathouse

Structural damage

Sadly, over time, the timber structure of the boathouse had been damaged by water ingress and vegetation growth. We’ve just completed over £50,000 of repairs, ensuring the future of this beautiful, historic building. Repairs are always ongoing and there’s still time to donate to our appeal - can you help us keep this iconic piece of Winkworth's history alive?

Some of the damage to the boathouse
Photos showing the damage to the boathouse
Some of the damage to the boathouse
The boathouse depicted in a line drawing

How you can help

There are a number of ways you can help us raise the funds the boathouse needs:

  • Buy a raffle ticket from the kiosk when you visit - for every £1 we raise, we get an extra £1 towards the boathouse repairs
  • Put your spare change in a collection box - find them outside the kiosk, or talk to a member of staff
  • Donate online
  • Make a larger donation - talk to us if you're considering a larger gift
  • Volunteer as as boathouse guide - click here for more information
Every donation goes directly towards saving the boathouse. Thank you for your support.

Thank you

Donate to the Boathouse Appeal

Help keep the boathouse open for everyone to enjoy. Every contribution, large or small, makes a difference.

Latest updates

21 Jul 17

Repair project completed

The repairs to the boathouse are completed, and the iconic building is now once again secure for future generations to enjoy. Thank you to all our supporters who've donated to this project - we couldn't do it without you. Come and see the renovations at Live Local, Love Winkworth on Sunday 3 September, and peek underneath the boathouse - usually closed to visitors.

19 Jun 17

Time capsule competition launched

You could become a permanent part of Winkworth's history by bidding to contribute to a time capsule, which we'll bury in the boathouse foundations during the repair project. Find out more >

08 Jun 17

Repair project commences

We're happy to announce that the repair project will commence on 19 June 2017. While the repairs are underway, unfortunately access to the boathouse will be restricted. The project will continue throughout the summer months, and we anticipate that the boathouse will reopen in time for the autumn season.