Aira Force is squirrel friendly

Giant squirrel and children at Aira Force

Unfortunately the numbers of these shy and elusive creatures have dropped over the years and Aira Force is one of the few remaining places in England where our native red squirrels still thrive.

Joining forces to protect squirrels

We've joined forces with Penrith and District Red Squirrel Group to help make the area their ideal home, placing feeders beside the footpaths to the falls. 

A safe haven

Red squirrels are in danger of extinction in England, but this exciting project not only provides an opportunity for you to see them in the wild but also provides a safe haven for our little furry friends and hugely increases the public awareness of their plight.

Stay alert and keep your eyes open to see if you can spot a red squirrel on your walk. 

Top Tip – the best time to spot a squirrel is early in the day when there are fewer people around.