Learning at Alfriston Clergy House

School children enjoying learning at Alfriston clergy house

There's a lot to do at the Clergy House, whether you're a formal learning group or a family looking for activities to do on your day out.

Make learning fun

We can help you structure your day and give you an idea of some of the activities that are available for you to take part in on your visit.
For more information, please call 01323 871961 or email us.

Bags of fun

Children can borrow a fun bag to make their visit even more enjoyable. Contents vary but can include a sensory trail around the garden, colouring, puzzles and skipping ropes. What will you find in your bag?

Bat spotting

The real bats that live in the Clergy House will be asleep in the day time, but you can still look out for our larger, cuddlier variety that are around day and night. How many will you see?

Dress as a servant or a lord?

Discover what's in the dressing up box. As a servant you could take the bread out of the oven to serve his lordship at the high table in the great hall.

School visits

The Clergy House has many layers of history and can offer exciting learning opportunities for students of all ages. The house, garden and surrounding area offer many opportunities for cross-curricular learning.
Workshops can be led by the property or the teacher. Call 01323 871961 or email us to find out more.