The garden in spring

Colourful tulips in the sun on the terrace at Alfriston Clergy House

The spring garden is a blaze of colour, full of beautiful, scented flowers.

The garden really accelerates in to life through the spring. In the orchard the daffodils are the first to flower, soon to be followed by the apple blossom and then the snakes head fritillaries.  Throughout the rest of the garden primroses, Muscari and Pulmonaria flower whilst the other perennials are growing vigorously. Pots of spring bulbs are placed around the garden to enhance the display.

Snake head fritillaries
Alfriston clergy house East Sussex snake head fritillaries

The old Judas tree at the property dates from the time when the National Trust first took on and rented out the Clergy house. Over the years it has had to deal with a few challenges, from being hit by another tree in the storm of 1987 to the regular flooding of the nearby river Cuckmere every winter.  Despite this it does still look lovely when it flowers in May.

Alfriston Clergy House
Alfriston Clergy House East Sussex orchard and Judas tree

For the gardener it is the time of year when lots of things need doing in a short space of time. Now that the soil has warmed up in the vegetable garden we are busy sowing our crops and planting potatoes. Meanwhile in the rest of the garden, herbaceous perennials need to be staked and the grass needs to be cut regularly. The weeds are also taking their opportunity to grow and the earlier they are dealt with the better as this will limit them spreading further.

Alfriston clergy house daffodils
Alfriston clergy house East Sussex daffodils in orchard