Alfriston Clergy House garden in summer

Alfriston clergy house vegetable garden in summer

The nature of the English climate dictates that most gardens are at their peak in the summer months. The garden at the Clergy House is no different and has been designed and developed within the principals of the Arts and Crafts cottage garden style, and contains many plants at their best in the summer months.

Floral summer highlights

A collection of old fashioned roses can be found throughout the garden, most are not repeat flowering but make up for this by being highly scented when they are in flower in June. Some particular favourites are Rosa ‘Pompon Blanc Parfait’, ‘Felicia’ and ‘Blush Damask’.

Rosa felicia at Alfriston clergy house
Rosa felicia on the terrace at Alfriston clergy house

Amongst the roses in the borders are annuals and herbaceous perennials. Most of the annuals self-seed every year such as evening primrose and poppies and dot themselves around the garden. The herbaceous perennials include Geraniums, Achilleas, Campanulas and Asters.

Box garden

In the box topiary garden the under planting of Dianthus pulmarius (pinks) start to flower in June.  Not only do they look lovely, it is another of the plants in the garden that it’s really worth taking the effort to bend down and smell.

Alfriston clergy house box garden with pinks
Box trees with pinks at Alfriston clergy house

Herb garden

This part of the garden is filled with plants that have been used in herbal medicine for centuries, all having been mentioned in Nicholas Culpepper’s herbal of 1653. Some are purely decorative now, many are toxic in the wrong doses, but most are still used by modern herbalists today. No matter what they are or have been used for, all the plants in our herb garden are garden worthy plants in their own right, notable highlights include field scabious, devil’s bit scabious, agrimony, ox eye daisy, Achillea and bistort. 

The herb garden at Alfriston Clergy House
The amphora in the herb garden at Alfriston Clergy House

Vegetable garden highlights

The raised beds are full of organically produced crops. We concentrate on the more reliable favourites including potatoes, runner beans, leeks, broad beans, chard and beetroot. We also like to mix in some sweet peas for the scent and colour.

Alfriston clergy house
Alfriston clergy house vegetable garden

The boarders surrounding the raised beds are filled with herbs and flowering plants, providing a home for beneficial insects to help with the organic pest control.

Garden wildlife

It’s not only the plants enjoying the summer, if you are lucky you might spot a passing heron or kingfisher. Much more common on a warm summer day is the chance to see several species of butterfly, dragonfly and garden birds.

A butterfly on the lavender at Alfriston Clergy House