Wildlife at Alfriston Clergy House

A robin in the garden at Alfriston clergy house

We welcome our wildlife visitors to the garden at Alfriston. Why not join us in seeing what you can spot? We’ve had quite a number of birds and butterflies worth noting.

Blue tits

Blue tits are very familiar visitors to gardens. Feeding on insects in the summer months, they can often be seen on bird feeders. At the Clergy House we have a family nesting in one of our bird boxes.

Garden warbler

The noisest birds here are the reed warblers, but it was the sighting of a garden warbler that pleased us. These birds are often mistaken for blackcaps, which have also been seen in our garden.

Green woodpecker

To our delight we spotted a green woodpecker pecking on a tree in our garden back in April. As they are shy birds, it only appeared for a short while.

Birds we have seen in the garden


Autumn and winter

In autumn and winter we’ve spotted: tree creeper, sparrowhawk, great spotted woodpecker and grey wagtail.


We have been twitching with excitement spotting different varieties of birds in our garden. So far our staff, volunteers and visitors have enjoyed seeing these species: blackbird, green woodpecker, robin, mallard, wren, blue tit, pheasant, chiff chaff, chaffinch and kingfisher.


Here's a selection of birds seen during the summer:
Reed warbler, reed bunting, black cap, magpie, sparrow, swallow, moorhen, thrush, wood pigeon, garden warbler, goldfinch, pied wagtail and greenfinch.

What have you spotted?

If there are any birds you have seen in our garden that aren't on our list please email us.


This summer we have seen the following butterflies:
Painted lady, red admiral, peacock, comma, speckled wood, gatekeeper, ringlet, large white, small white and a chalkhill blue.
We were also delighted to see a hummingbird hawk-moth hovering over a buddleia.