Discover the joys of spring at Allan Bank

Daffodils at Dora's Field in Rydal in the Lake District

Discover the joys of spring with a walk along the lake shore, a wander among daffodils at Dora’s Field, or a spot of bird-watching from the picture windows at Allan Bank.

Take a walk by the lake side

Approx 4 miles (6.5km)

This lovely lake sits to the south of Grasmere village. Once a favourite of William Wordsworth who was inspired by its natural beauty, the lake remains popular among visitors to the Lake District today.

The walk, along a moderately level lakeshore path, is a great option for all the family, with plenty of fun to be had along the way. Take a picnic if you have the time and be sure to look out for the hollow tree - a great spot for hide and seek.
There’s plenty of wildfowl to spot as you go and don’t forget to head to Penny Rock Beach to test your skimming skills before you head back to the village through Deer Bolts woods.

Dora’s Field

Renowned for fine displays of bluebells and daffodils, Dora’s Field is a semi-open woodland once owned by William Wordsworth. It sits just outside of Grasmere in the idyllic Rydal village, with stunning views over Rydal water. After purchasing the field in 1826, Wordsworth gifted it to his daughter, Dora. When Dora tragically died, Wordsworth, his wife and their gardener planted hundreds of daffodil bulbs in her memory.

Dora’s field was gifted to the National Trust by Gordon Wordsworth in 1935 for the benefit of the public.  We now maintain the paths and prevent the open areas from returning to dense woodland and losing the open views.  

A relaxing wander around Dora’s Field is a lovely way to lose half an hour on a warm spring day in Rydal. There are several benches around the garden to allow time for a moment’s pause amid the hectic rush of modern life.

The signs of spring

Our gardens and the countryside around are bursting back to life after a chilly winter, and there are plenty of opportunities to get outdoors and enjoy the fresh sights of spring. When your thoughts turn to spring, do they drift into lambs jumping in the fields, birds chirping or the sweet scents of spring blooms and the daffodils laying out yellow carpets? Experience it all in Grasmere. 

Billie Buzzard’s wild garden trail

Billie Buzzard is soaring overhead, floating on the breeze and watching all the comings and goings of the Allan Bank woodland garden. She sees all of the wild creatures who call Allan Bank home. Try our new garden trail and see if you can find all the creatures that Billie Buzzard can see.

Spot a squirrel

Allan Bank is one of the best places in Grasmere to see our native red squirrels. We work hard to make the grounds their ideal home, spending over £900.00 on feed every year. You can use our binoculars in Wordsworth’s Study to spot one of them on the feeders outside. 

A loving eye and skilful hand – On film

Come sit back, relax with a cup of tea and enjoy watching our homemade short film on the inspiration Hardwicke and Edith Rawnsley took from the leading art critic John Ruskin, of Brantwood, in establishing the Keswick School of Industrial Art.