Our work at Allan Bank and Grasmere

Four National Trust Rangers in the Lake District

Our Ranger Team looks after nearly 14,000 hectares of valleys, lakes and fells. Our current work is focusing on the urgent need for footpath and route repair.

Where we look after

The area has a wide range of landscapes and habitats including 25 tenanted farms, around 650 hectares of woodlands, impressive gardens, access to the shores of numerous lakes and remote tarns and numerous historic buildings.

Thousands of you visit every year to enjoy the stunning and unspoilt landscape of the Lakes. Maintaining this landscape is an ongoing job for our Rangers, to ensure that visitors can continue to enjoy it forever.

How you can help

Dedicated teams of National Trust Rangers have been repairing and maintaining upland footpaths in the Lake District for over 25 years. Help us raise £300,000 to save footpaths from erosion in the Lake District.

Two thousand metres of routes need replacing in the next two years at a cost of £160 per metre. With your support, we can keep the Lake District special for years to come.