Our native red squirrels

Red squirrels are in danger of extinction in England, and Grasmere is one of the few remaining places in the country where they still thrive.

Allan Bank is a great place to see our native red squirrels. We work hard alongside the Grasmere Red Squirrel Group to make the grounds at Allan Bank their ideal home, spending over £900.00 on feed every year.

So many visitors to Allan Bank have loved being able to follow the comings and goings of our red squirrels, you can use our binoculars in the Study to spot one of them on the feeders outside or you could take a stroll along the garden path to see if you can catch sight of one along the way.  

An outbreak of the deadly Squirrel Pox Virus in Grasmere in 2016 put our native red squirrel population under dire threat. We had over ten confirmed cases of the virus in the valley, but thanks to the constant effort of the Grasmere Red Squirrel Group and the local community our red squirrel population have survived.

As well as the funds that the National Trust commits to red squirrel conservation here in Grasmere, the Grasmere Red Squirrel Group relies heavily on grants from the Forestry Authority.  Sadly, due to changes in Forestry Authority funding, these grants have not been available in 2017.

Now, more than ever before we need your support to enable the conservation work of the Grasmere Red Squirrel Group to continue. If you are interested in supporting this vital work to keep the red squirrels of Grasmere safe you can help by donating online through our Lakes Red Squirrel Appeal page. 

Every penny we raise through this page we commit directly to pay for work of the Squirrel Ranger throughout National Trust woodlands in Grasmere.

Thank you for your support.