Summer at Allan Bank

A family enjoying the sun on the lawn at Allan Bank in Grasmere

On the hunt for things to do this Summer? Look no further, we have all you and your family need to have fun at Allan Bank. This year we’re celebrating the 150th anniversary of Beatrix Potter’s birth by exploring her friendship with Canon Rawnsley and the inspiration she took from it.

Story letters – the origins of the Tale of Peter Rabbit

Did you know that the tale of Peter Rabbit started out an illustrated letter? Take a seat in the study and have a go at writing and colouring in your own story letter to someone special at home.

Mr McGregor’s Garden trail

Run the risk of bumping into old Mr McGregor as you make your way around his garden hunting for clues. He's nowhere to be seen, but his coat is hanging on the shed door so he can't be too far away. Complete the trail without getting caught to claim your prize.

Beatrix Potter Birthday Readathon - 28 July

To celebrate Beatrix Potter's 150th birthday we are going to spend the day reading her books, we're aiming for 23 books in one day! Come along to hear some of her best loved stories.

Paint a picture

Earlier this year we re-vamped our art room, which means we now have tables and chairs small enough for little budding artists and a lovely gallery for you to hang your masterpieces on.

This is the perfect place to pick up a pencil or a brush and have a go
The artroom at Allan Bank in Grasmere in the Lake District
This is the perfect place to pick up a pencil or a brush and have a go

Nature Detectives

Every Thursday in the school holidays you can pick up your explorer pack and head out into our wild woodland with a National Trust Ranger. £2.

Spot a squirrel

Allan Bank is one of the best places in Grasmere to see our native red squirrels. We work hard to make the grounds their ideal home, spending over £900.00 on feed every year. You can use our binoculars in Wordsworth’s Study to spot one of them on the feeders outside.