Indoors at Allan Bank

Children writing on the walls at Allan Bank

Allan Bank has always been a bustling family home. It’s been used and appreciated to the full and we’ve got no intentions of changing that long tradition.

This is a place where you can feel at home, relax and play. It’s a home with a fascinating history but also a fun and inspiring future.

NEW for 2017 - the study

Want to know more about this place? Visit our study where we have a collection of books, journals and newspapers full of information about Allan Bank, it’s former residents and their varied past. This is not a formal library; we do things a little differently here, so help yourself to a cup of tea, find a comfy chair and peruse at your leisure.

Help yourself

We love a nice cup of tea here, almost as much as Wordsworth who had Twinings imported to Allan Bank at a whopping cost of £45.10s (£1,545 in today’s money) between 1808 and 1810. So when you arrive, head to the kitchen and make yourself a hot drink - for free. Donations welcome.

What do you think?

Allan Bank is still very much a work in progress but our vision is for it to become a unique and special place for all. Tell us what inspires you and how you see it being brought back to life. Join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter, or simply have a chat with us when you’re here.

Create a masterpiece

Our art room is a great place to paint and draw, we have all you need to have a go, just bring a little creativity with you and take inspiration from the view.

Relax in the library

Dating from the 18th century to the present day, the Hopkinson and Chorley Mountaineering library was assembled by three generations of a prominent climbing and mountaineering family.

Come and take inspiration from a rich cultural legacy of exploits in the UK, Alps and the greater ranges by pioneering climbers and mountaineers.

Treat yourself

There’s nothing better than a nice slice of cake to go with that cup of tea. We have a range of cakes and soups available for you to buy should you be feeling a little peckish. You can enjoy them anywhere in the house or grounds.

Browse the papers

A lazy morning about the house is never complete without a leisurely browse of the papers. You can pick one of ours up from the room opposite the kitchen, then find a quiet corner to peruse it at your leisure.