The kitchen café at Allan Bank

A person cutting cake at Allan Bank

The old kitchen houses our café. It’s not a regular café, but a warm and homely kitchen with comfy sofas and a warm range, where you can help yourself to something tasty and then take it anywhere in the house or grounds to enjoy.

Tasty treats

In the kitchen café you’ll find a big pot of hot soup for your lunch. And, of course, plenty of cakes, biscuits and scones to tempt you with.

A nice cuppa

We love a nice cup of tea here, almost as much as Wordsworth who had Twinings imported to Allan Bank at a whopping cost of £45.10s (£1,545 in today’s money) between 1808 and 1810. So when you arrive, head to the kitchen and make yourself a hot drink. There’s no charge but we do welcome donations to go towards the feed for our red squirrels and birds.