Arnside and Silverdale

A place to explore miles of coastal countryside from clifftops to woodland and wildflower meadows.

Arnside and Silverdale

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Colourful sunset picture from the Pepperpot at Eaves Wood

Ranger highlights for autumn in Arnside and Silverdale

Make the most of autumn with our rangers' handy top tips of things to see and do around Arnside and Silverdale.

Arnside and Silverdale


A pair of Scotch Argus butterflies on bracken in sunlight

Wildlife in Arnside and Silverdale

The mix of wildlife that you can see in Arnside and Silverdale is like no other place in the country. Here we have perfect habitats for combinations of species which wouldn’t ever exist together anywhere else. The coastal climate, woodland, limestone pavement and grassland all help to make this area perfect for so many species. The thin limestone soils are home to such a variety of rare and unique plants and wildflowers that are at the very north of their range and these mix with those at the very south of their range making our sites extremely unique and a haven for anyone interested in wildlife. Visit in any season and look and listen out for wildlife all around you.

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Arnside and Silverdale

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Arnside and Silverdale

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