Drystone walls

Arnside and Silverdale drystone wall

Drystone walls are such a characteristic part of our local, limestone landscape around Arnside and Silverdale.

They shape fields and frame views and are guaranteed to have a role in the paintings of local artists. As well as their aesthetic value our walls have a function too – enclosing land and livestock so caring for these walls and keeping them strong and well-built is an important job.

Drystone wall
Eaves Wood drystone wall
Drystone wall

To do this we have a small team of dry stone walling volunteers who are dedicated to their craft. Repairing drystone walls is a very slow process but the high standards of our volunteers means that our walls will last for decades. A real monument to their achievements.

The walls are a habitat in themselves. They provide homes for plants – mosses, lichens and ferns and are hiding places for toads and birds. Lizards enjoy basking against the warmed stone in the summer and on wilder, wet and windy days they provide shelter for cattle and livestock and rangers too!