Eaves Wood Circular Walk

Walking trail

Soak in the atmosphere of the woods with their mossy limestone outcrops and distinctive trees and enjoy the surrounding views from the highest point at the Pepperpot.

Colourful sunset picture from the Pepperpot at Eaves Wood


Map showing the circular walk through Eaves Wood


Eaves Wood car park


Walk through the main gate at the car park onto the track which takes you into the woods. This path meanders through the woodland up to the finger post which is straight in front of you. At this point turn left - the signpost is directing you to the 'Pepperpot'.

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Closeup picture of mossy limestone pavement in Eaves Wood


Continue along the track until you reach a side path leading uphill to the right. Take this path, walking until you reach the finger post. Take care when walking over the limestone outcrops as these can be slippery when wet.

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At the finger post take the path in front of you which heads up the slope still following the signs for the Pepperpot. Ignore the path which is immediately to the right. Slowly climb up the hill and where the path levels you will see a log on the ground on your right and also a way marker post. At this point take the main path to your left.

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This path takes you through some old yew trees with amazing tree roots. The ground can get muddy in the winter along here. Continue along this main track. There's a stone seat on your right which is a welcome stopping point for tired legs. Continue up the 4 staggered stone steps and along through what feels like an old gateway. Remember this gateway for later on in the walk.The area here feels much more open.

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Continue along the path through this open clearing ignoring any paths off to the left until you reach a finger post. Opposite the finger post is a little stone path which steeply rises up the hill. Take this path and carefully climb up. You will cross a section of limestone pavement. Take care walking across. Directly in front of you is the Queen Victoria Jubilee Monument known more commonly as the Pepperpot.

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Eaves Wood Pepperpot


Leave the Pepperpot by walking back down the path you came up, through the clearing and back to the stone gateway you past earlier in the walk. Just after the gateway you are going to turn left up 6 small steps and through a small gate. Then continue along the most obvious path.

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Continue along what feels like the most obvious path all the way through this area of woodland. If you're keeping a note of the distances - at around 2.26 km from the start of your walk is what looks like a vehicle track to the right. Ignore this track and carry on along your path. Just ahead you will meet another path. Take this route down to the right until you reach a vehicle gate with an attached kissing gate. Go through the gate and continue down the path.


Carry on straight down and at around 2.57km from the start (if you're tracking your distance) take a smaller path which veers off to the left and continue on this path right the way down until you reach a main track next to a derelict cottage.

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At the derelict cottage turn left onto the track heading downhill, ignoring the path branching off steeply downhill to the right and head under the darker trees downhill past the incredible cliff outcrops of limestone pavement. Carry on down until you reach the bottom of the hill and you're standing between two old stone gateposts.

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At the two stone gateposts at the bottom of your path turn right and head towards the finger post in front of you. This is the finger post you first past at the beginning of the walk. Take a left here back towards the car park on the path you walked up at the beginning of the walk and continue straight back to the car park to end your walk. Once you've tried this route why not discover one of the many other paths winding through the woods.


Eaves Wood car park

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Eaves Wood Circular Walk


This is a  2.17 mile circular route that should take around  one to two hours. There are some short steep sections - mainly up to the Pepperpot. The surface is mostly along a stone track which can have muddy sections in winter and the patches of limestone can be slippery when wet.
Eaves Wood Circular Walk

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National Trust Office, Bank House Lane, Silverdale, Carnforth, LA5 0RE

Eaves Wood Circular Walk

How to get here

Eaves Wood car park, Park Lane, Silverdale, LA5 0UQ.
By train

Silverdale has its own railway station which is on the line between Carnforth and Barrow-in-Furness. The station is under a mile from Eaves Wood car park and will be a 15 to 20 minute walk.

By road

From Silverdale village head north on Emesgate Lane for half a mile. Continue straight along Park Road for just under half a mile and Eaves Wood car park is on your left. it's roughly a 5 minute drive from the centre of Silverdale.

By bus

Stagecoach operate a 51 bus service to Silverdale from Carnforth.

Eaves Wood Circular Walk

Facilities and access

  • Toilet facilities are in Silverdale Village near the Gaskell Hall