Things to see and do at Baggy Point

Visitors on the beach at Woolacombe looking towards the headland of Baggy Point

The footpaths around the Baggy Point promontory make for a pleasant walk; with very little effort you can experience the rugged feel of the area. Crashing waves and steep cliffs help to create this dramatic scenery.

An adventurer’s paradise

There are plenty of ways to get involved with the outdoors. If you fancy something a bit more adventurous why not have a go at surfing from the nearby beach or join an organised group coasteering and see the cliffs from a different angle. If climbing is your thing then the cliffs here have plenty to offer. There are some great running routes for both beginers and the more adventurous.

An eerie reminder of the past

During the Second World War much of the area was used for military training due to its similarity to the Normandy beaches. On the plateau of Baggy Point you can still see dummy pillboxes used to represent enemy gun emplacements.

More places to explore

If you are struggling to decide how to spend your time with us then why not have a chat with our staff at the National Trust car park. They have lots of information from tide times to walk ideas, best bird spotting places to what flowers are in bloom. They can even sell you a map or a bottle of water.
Free parking for members at Baggy Point near Croyde
Car park hut and sign at Baggy Point
Free parking for members at Baggy Point near Croyde