New renewable energy system at Basildon Park

West front of the mansion at Basildon Park from across the parkland

Work has begun on a project to remove the oil heating systems at Basildon Park and replace them with a brand new, renewable source of heating. This is one of several installations planned for London and South East as part of the National Trust's "Grow your own energy strategy". Find out what is involved, and where this is happening.

What is happening?

The National Trust and Baystar Ltd are working together to deliver an energy efficient, environmentally friendly heating solution at Basildon Park.

A ground source heat pump is being installed to provide heating within the mansion, North Pavillion and the South Pavillion. It will reduce both the carbon emissions and the cost of heating it. 

Ground source heating pipes are being installed in an area of parkland behind the mansion, and pipework is also being installed around the mansion.

The parkland work

An area of the parkland behind the mansion, approximately 110m x 80m, is being temporarily excavated whilst 12,000m of plastic piping is installed. Once the pipework has been installed the parkland will then be put back to its original state.

The work will last for about 10 weeks, and during this time the area of the parkland being worked on will be inaccessible whilst this project is happening. However, visitors will be able to see the work that is taking place, and ask questions about the new heating system.

What is ground-source heating?

The idea behind a ground source heat pump is that heat transfer fluid is circulated around the pipework being laid in the ground of the parkland. This fluid then absorbs the low-grade heat from the ground.

This low-grade heat absorbed by the heat transfer fluid is then circulated through a heat pump that will be in the mansion, which in turn converts it into upgraded heat (something warmer!) and this then passes through the heating and hot water circuits within the mansion providing conservation heating to the existing radiators within the mansion.