October half-term at Basildon Park

Children playing in autumn leaves that have dropped to the ground underneath a tree in the parkland

Whether it’s brilliant autumn sunshine, or slightly damp autumn drizzle, there are plenty of opportunities for children to get out of the house this October half-term and enjoy Basildon Park.

Great Ball Run

The Great Ball Run will be up until the end of October half-term, which gives the children plenty of time to keep enjoying, and making the most of, this year’s World War Two inspired runs.

Ball Run packs can be bought from Visitor Reception for £3 per pack.


Why not head over to the Basil-Den area to make your own den? If it’s sunny, it’s a good spot of shade; but if it’s rainy it’s a nice little shelter to make a home in.

As well as making a den for you and your friends, you could also try making a smaller den that might be for little animals or bugs at Basildon Park.

You’ll find twigs, logs, sticks all around on the ground to start making your perfect little shelter.

Parkland walks with children

In autumn the parkland is a riot of colours as the leaves change. This is a great chance to get the children running off some energy and crunching through the leaves that have fallen.

You can download a parkland walks map, which has on it the wildlife you can spot at Basildon Park on a walk during autumn.