Shopping at Basildon Park

Basildon Park shop

Complete your visit to Basildon Park with a visit to the Stableyard shop, just a few yards from the car park. You'll find a wide range of items, from postcards and ice cream to local beers and ciders, garden furniture and plants.

Seasonal specials

There is a varied range of seasonal items for you in the shop. Why not ask for the staff's monthly favourite items and discover our shop highlights?

Local items

We stock quality locally produced items so look out for them on your visit. You won't be able to resist coming away with something new.

Handmade mushrooms

There is a selection of handmade, unique garden mushrooms available to buy. Each one is individually carved by a local craftsperson.

Tutts Clump Cider

Handmade cider from a family business that uses apples collected in West Berkshire - a real treat. 

1950s cookbook

This cookbook has been made especially for us and it includes many recipes gathered from our friends, family and volunteers. Buy the book for only £5.00.