Wild Play Trail at Basildon Park

Kids climbing over a log in the parkland at Basildon Park

The Wild Play Trail takes in some of the best views of the parkland, while engaging the little ones with the nature that surrounds them. There are 20 exciting play stations along the route. Maps cost £1 and are available from Visitor Reception.

Start your adventure here…

Our recently upgraded Wild Play Trail is set in the beautiful woodland here at Basildon Park, and features 20 different play stations including a wooden xylophone, a sensory room, log bridges and so much more. 

The trail may start with nature, but fuelled by your imagination, it can become almost anything. Run kids' minds and bodies wild on the Wild Play Trail, whilst the adults take in the awe-inspiring views along the way.

To start your adventure, pick up a trail map from Visitor Reception for £1. The trail starts in the woodland walk up to the house and extends all the way across the woodland, to really get everyone’s legs moving.

For the littlest legs

The Wild Play Trail is suitable for children of all ages, even those with the little legs. For the little ones who may find the full route a little too far, there’s a half-way point at which you can head back to the house for some well-earned refreshments.

We also have a brand new play area for little ones this year, with ball run stations. The play area is at the start of the woodland walk near visitor reception, and is close to the shop, toilets and toolshed tearoom, where you can pick up some snacks and a cup of tea.

Dog-walking in the summer, Berkshire
Family walking with their dog in the parkland
Dog-walking in the summer, Berkshire

One for the Ball Run fans

For the big Ball Run fans out there, there is a Ball Run station within the Wild Play Trail. Bring along your own tennis ball to have to a go at this, and see where your ball can go.

Put on your wellies and get out in the rain!

Raining outside?

Don’t let a little rain stop you from having a great day. Get your wellies and coat on and have a splashing time out on the Wild Play Trail, jumping in puddles and catching raindrops on your tongue along the way. We've just put down some wood chip on the muddier areas of the trail, so you can play all year round.