Autumn colour at Belton House

Belton House with autumn leaves

The magical misty mornings and crisp, clear days of autumn are an ideal time to enjoy the wonderful succession of changing colours at Belton.

Belton's Tyrconnel Gate
The Tyrconnel Gate at Belton House in the Autumn
Belton's Tyrconnel Gate

Changing colours

Rustle your way through autumn leaves and enjoy the gorgeous golds and yellows of the lime trees along the cobbled drive. Closer to the house, rich ruby and russet creepers clad the honey-coloured walls of the West Courtyard, where the sharp but sweet aroma of ripening quinces lingers in the air.

Diana surrounded by autumn colour
Statue of Roman Godess Diana surrounded by red autumn leaves
Diana surrounded by autumn colour

Exploring hidden corners

Behind the Orangery, Nottingham medlar trees are laden with fruit. A popular dessert in Victorian times, medlars were traditionally left on the tree to get overripe or 'bletted'. With early frosts, they become soft and taste surprisingly like a combination of plums and custard.

Stroll past the church gate and turn to enjoy the superb symmetry of yew topiary framing a classic view of the north of the house.

Yellow autumn leaves on a tree by Belton's lake

Go further afield

Take a stroll along Statue Walk to enjoy superb views of Bellmount Tower, then meander along winding wooded paths to the tranquil lakeshore.

The boathouse makes a picture-perfect photo location, and on sunny days is a superb place for bird watching.

Scenic landscapes with views of the Belton estate
Belton House from the parkland in Autumn
Scenic landscapes with views of the Belton estate

Catch a glimpse of the rut

Enjoy wonderful views over open parkland; the musky smells of fallow deer and the husky cough of the bucks in rut give a real sense of the changing seasons.

Other sheltered paths lead back via the Mirror Pond and a variety of specimen trees including a weeping beech, a twisted willow, and magnificent cedars.

Contrasting textures, shapes, colours and sounds engage the senses, making a rich and memorable autumn experience.