Belton’s Bats

Brown long-eared bat at night

The Belton estate hosts some wonderful habitats for bats, from its historic buildings to the magnificent trees in the parkland.

Pipistrelle and long-eared brown bats have been regular visitors to the stables, roosting in considerable numbers in the roof space. More recently however our surveys suggest that numbers have declined.

Belton’s rangers have undertaken work to increase insect populations which are the main food source for bats on the estate. By improving the condition of the grassland and water habitats not only do wildflowers flourish and fish spawn at an increasing rate, but insect numbers increase too, ensuring the resident bat population also thrives.

The stables project incorporated work to enhance the space for pipistrelle and long-eared brown bats, including the provision of heated bat boxes, improved access to and from the building and improved routes to feeding grounds near the river. We hope this will not only protect Belton’s existing bat population but also encourage more bats to settle here again in future.