Christmas in the mansion

The Dining Room at Belton, ready for a Christmas feast

Immerse yourself in the story of a great house as it prepares to welcome 'the great and the good' for a celebratory winter feast at Belton House.

The year is 1880, and Countess Brownlow has invited her friends to join her in a celebratory dinner to honour Belton's Creative Women, Sophia, Marian, Nina and Florence.

The most important guests will arrive with their servants who will need instruction on their duties while staying at Belton.

As a visitor to Belton this Christmas, we'll ask you to step into the shoes of a lady's maid or valet and experience the house as you've never seen it before.

Take the tour

Christmas in the mansion is an audio tour that will guide lady's maids and valets through the basement and up to the ground floor of Belton House. Visitors are asked to dress warmly with comfortable shoes as the house is not heated in winter.

Tours run daily from 11am - 3pm and tickets can be collected at visitor reception from 9.30am. Please note advance booking is not available as these tours are volunteer dependant and subject to availability. With limited spaces they can book up quickly, so we advise collecting a ticket on arrival to avoid disappointment.

Each tour lasts 50 minutes and includes three flights of stairs. The tour is free of charge to National Trust members. For non-members, there's an upgrade fee on top of the winter grounds admission.

Winter cleaning

Christmas in the mansion will allow visitors to see parts of Belton House dressed for the festive season. Not all rooms will be open as the winter months allow the house and collections team to thoroughly clean and conserve Belton’s treasures. The tour will guide you from the basement through the Marble Hall, Tapestry Room, Red Drawing Room and Hondecoeter Dining Room.

book conservation in action
Belton book conservation in action
book conservation in action
During winter the team clean and inspect every room on the visitor route, gently caring for each object and the walls and carpets that surround them. Everything is then covered with dust sheets to keep it clean and protected until the house reopens in spring.