Join a family tour this summer

Costume items used for the family summer tours, including a hat, gloves and travel case.

Lord and Lady Brownlow are hosting a Saturday-to-Monday (a 'weekend' house party to you and me) for their closest friends.

By 1936, improved car and rail networks are making weekends the ideal time to head out to one of your chums' country estates. But don't call it a 'weekend' as that's only used by people who have to work!

Join your guide to discover more about life at Belton House in the 1930s.

These tours are free, and take place at 10.30am, on 24, 25 and 26 August.

You can collect your free tickets from visitor recpetion on the morning of each tour, or make sure of your places by emailing the Learning team beforehand and booking ahead.