Looking after Belton

Belton clock arch in front of a clear sky

This summer the team are busy with lots of projects that will keep Belton looking its best.

Improving access

We know that 300 year old cobbles are not the easiest of surfaces for everyone to negotiate, so we’ve lifted and re-laid the setts at the entrances to the gift shop and stables, and introduced level paving along Belton’s cobbled pathways to ease access for wheelchair and buggy users.

Relaying the cobbles will make getting around Belton easier for all
The cobbles being relayed outside the Stables

80 windows and counting….

This August we’re painting all 80 of the windows on the West and North fronts of the mansion as well as the dentil moulding, wooden balustrade and cupola on the roof. This work brings out the original beauty of designs first installed in the 1680s, and it helps protect these precious pieces of the mansion from the elements they face every day too.

We need to erect rooftop scaffolding to give the painters a safe platform to work from, and we can expect to see a very large cherry picker working its way around the roofline for a few weeks. But don't worry, visitors will still be able to safely access the mansion to come in and explore as usual.

New doors please!

We’re saying goodbye to the rickety sliding doors in the stables restaurant and replacing them with plate glass ones to match the Belton gift shop. The original wooden doors will also be restored to their former glory. 

What it looks like…

While this important work is going on, certain parts of Belton may not look very photogenic.  Please take extra care around areas of work, and we hope you won’t be too disappointed if your favourite view is temporarily obscured!

These new paths make journeys along the cobbled drive much smoother
The new paths alongside the cobbled drive