Make your mark on Belton’s history

Fishscale roof slate tiles

As Belton embarks on a vital restoration project to repair its one-of-a-kind boathouse, this is your chance to leave a lasting legacy. Sponsor a slate is an opportunity to write history and be part of the fabric of Belton’s boathouse for ever.

The fish-scale slate roof was lost in the decline of the gardens through the 20th century. This year we plan to restore the riverside boathouse to its 19th century glory and reinstate punting on the river. Your donation toward a slate can make this possible.

Belton's boathouse before its restoration in 2017.
Belton's boathouse, prior to restoration, in need of repair
Belton's boathouse before its restoration in 2017.

Saving Belton’s Boathouse

The restoration project will reinstate the lost roof with 1250 hand cut slates. For the first time ever Belton House is offering you the chance to make your mark on history and support the fundraising appeal by sponsoring a slate. As a sponsor, you can choose the exact location of your slate and inscribe it with a special message or dedication.

For a limited time only

Choose your slate; make your mark, draw a picture or sign your name. The slate will then be placed on the roof in the location of your choosing.

Want to ensure your name is remembered forever?

By sponsoring a slate, your name will be listed in the Boathouse Supporters Book in celebration of your generous support and placed with the collection in the Library.

A gift that will last a lifetime

Sponsor a slate offers the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion, remember a loved one or to give an extraordinary gift.

Sponsor a slate

For just £25 you can make a mark while supporting Belton's boathouse appeal. Sponsor a slate at Belton's second-hand bookshop. You won’t have to wait long to see the impact your donation has made as works are due to start on site later this year.

Belton's boathouse, watercolour by Sophia Cust
Watercolour of Belton's Boathouse in the Wilderness garden
Belton's boathouse, watercolour by Sophia Cust

Whether you sign your name, draw a picture, mark a special occasion or remember a loved one, your message will have a lasting legacy on Belton’s boathouse.