Gardens and Parkland

There’s lots to see and do in Belton’s great outdoors. The formal gardens, pleasure grounds and boating lakes are a great place for a stroll in all seasons, while the parkland is perfect for wildlife spotting and dog walking with lots of lovely picnicking places too.

Yellow autumn leaves on a tree by Belton's lake

Autumn wildlife at Belton

There's lots of wildlife to discover across Belton's 1300 acres this autumn.

Belton House with autumn leaves

Walking at Belton

Discover the seasonal highlights of Belton at this time of year.

Fallow deer fawn hidden in nettles in parkland at Charlecote

Wild deer at Belton

Belton is home to a wild herd of around 300 fallow deer. The deer are direct descendants of the herd enclosed within its parkland in 1690, and have been a significant feature of the estate ever since.

The pink ballerina is one of the most distinctive waxcaps with a pointed rose-pink cap, pink gills below and a pinky-white stalk

Belton Fungi

As part of Belton’s programme of wildlife surveying, the outdoors team spend the autumn looking at some weird and wonderful fungi across the estate.

The Tyrconnel Gate at Belton House in the Autumn

Autumn colour at Belton House

Rustle your way through fallen leaves and enjoy the golden colours of autumn at Belton House.

conkers on the ground

Conker collecting at Belton

Belton is an amazing place to collect conkers. There are literally hundreds of horse chestnut trees scattered across its estate, so plenty of shiny conkers to find. You won’t need to look far to fill your pockets!

The 3rd Earl and Countess Brownlow

Picnics and punting at Belton House

Enjoy Belton like the Brownlow’s, there's nothing like getting friends and family together with a hamper in beautiful surroundings.

Belton House shawl garden watercolour by Sophia Cust, Lady Tower

Creative Women

This year we’re sharing the stories of four women whose creative legacies live on in the spirit of Belton. Explore the lives of Sophia, Marian, Florence and Nina on self-led trails and see their work presented throughout the house and gardens.

A historic photograph from Belton's collection of the deep herbaceous borders running through the centre of the Italian Garden

Belton’s Italian Garden Restoration

Over time many of the important features of Belton's Italian Garden have been lost, and we’re now working to restore these important garden elements.

The North Front at Belton House, a restoration country house built 1685-88

Changing Seasons at Belton

Find out what you can do at Belton in each changing season.

Greyhound looking across Belton park

Dog walking at Belton

With 1300 acres to explore, come and join us for a wander with your four-legged friend.

Frosty morning looking over the parkland

Belton Park walk

This delightful walk at Belton Park passes key features of ancient woodland and the site of a deserted medieval village.