Gardens and Parkland

There’s lots to see and do in Belton’s great outdoors. The formal gardens, pleasure grounds and boating lakes provide a charming place for a stroll that is continually changing throughout the seasons. While the parkland is a great place to play ball games or take the dog for a walk, with lots of lovely picnicking spots too.

Belton House with autumn leaves

Autumn colour at Belton House

Rustle your way through fallen leaves and enjoy the golden colours of autumn at Belton House.

A historic photograph from Belton's collection of the deep herbaceous borders running through the centre of the Italian Garden

Belton’s Italian Garden Restoration

Over time many of the important features of Belton's Italian Garden have been lost, and we’re now working to restore these important garden elements.

Yellow autumn leaves on a tree by Belton's lake

Autumn wildlife at Belton

There's lots of wildlife to discover across Belton's 1300 acres this autumn.

Belton House covered in snow on a clear winter's day

Getting ready for Christmas

This Christmas, visit Belton to celebrate best-loved traditions and create some new ones of your own.

Belton buck herd in front of the mansion

Belton Park walk

This delightful walk at Belton Park passes key features of ancient woodland and the site of a deserted medieval village.

Deer buck Belton House, Lincolnshire

Wild deer at Belton

Belton is home to a wild herd of around 450 fallow deer. The deer are direct descendants of the herd enclosed within its parkland in 1690, and have been a significant feature of the estate ever since.

red kite

Red kites at Belton House

Careful conservation work has seen the return of red kites to the parklands at Belton House.