Saving Belton's Boathouse

Belton's boathouse behind the Gothic Ruin

An appeal to save a one-of-a-kind boathouse is underway at Belton House. The riverside structure, built for the 1st Earl Brownlow in the 1830s, is in desperate need of restoration. Historically, the boathouse was a gateway to a designed wilderness garden and provided the family with the opportunity to punt along the River Witham.

Punting at Belton by Lady Marian Margaret Compton
Watercolour on paper, a gentleman and a lady in a boat on water with Belton House in the background.
Punting at Belton by Lady Marian Margaret Compton

The restoration project will reinstate the lost fish-scale slate roof, two gilded weathervanes; and rustic stick-work walls using yew harvested from the Belton estate. Belton volunteers have already begun to clear vegetation, and de-silt lost river channels so that once again the wilderness garden can be experienced from the water.

You can leave your mark on history and support the fundraising appeal by sponsoring a slate. As a sponsor, you can choose the exact location of your slate and inscribe it with a special message or dedication. There are many other ways to support the project, from buying a boathouse bag or raffle ticket to enjoying a guided Wilderness Walk or joining us for a fundraising coffee morning.

Make your mark on Belton's history
Sponsor a slate to help save Belton's boathouse in lincolnshire
Make your mark on Belton's history

You won’t have to wait long to see the impact your donation has made as works have now started to bring the boathouse back to life.

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07 Nov 18

Traditional stonemasons repair coping stones

National Trust stonemasons have started to repair and shape the historic coping stones ready to reinstate them on top of the repaired walls

traditional stone masonry skills create new coping stones

30 Oct 18

Wall repairs

National Trust stonemasons have been busy rebuilding the brick walls, stabilising and straightening them and replacing any failed bricks.

Wall repair

25 Oct 18

Reinforcing the oak posts

Repairs to three of the oak posts are complete and they are ready for reinstatement. A cruciform has been created in the base of the post to accommodate a hidden steel foot which will stop the building moving in future

Reinstatement of oak posts