Biddulph Grange Garden in autumn

walking lime avenue

Autumn - the time when Biddulph Grange Garden is at its most striking. The dahlias are in full bloom and the reds and oranges of the China Garden will take your breath away just before the leaves begin to fall.

Take a walk through an incredible landscape of orange and gold this autumn. Jump in crunchy leaves, discover shiny conkers and enjoy invigorating fresh air.

Autumn colour is spectacular and is nowhere more stunning than in the Chinese garden where the golden larch is now golden and the acers are ablaze with reds and oranges. Meander along the bank of the arboretum where the leaves of the small euonymus shrubs turn completely red with the leaves of the liquidambar complementing this colourful picture.

The magnificent Golden Larch, best viewed in early autumn
China larch
The magnificent Golden Larch, best viewed in early autumn

Late flowers include dahlias and toad lilies, an interesting small-flowered fuchsia in the verbena parterre and four varieties of hydrangea in the bowling green and quoits' ground.