Biddulph Grange in Spring

Rhododendrons coming into flower

Spring - a miraculous time when the garden is refilled with colour and scent. Flowers become abundant once more as the sun begins to shine and the earth warms up.

Now is the time to see many of the shrubs coming into flower beginning in March with the small yellow flowers of the buttercup witch hazel near the tunnel leading into the pinetum. Throughout April more plants are coming into flower with bergenia and winter-flowering honeysuckle in the Chinese Garden and then in May the Chilean flame trees are ablaze with red flowers in the bowling green.

The Corylopsis comes into flower in March. It can be found near the lake and the Himalayan Glen.
Corylopsis flower

Follow the winding path through the woodland walk, viewing the daffodils and other spring flowers in bloom, to reach the large urn at the top of Wellingtonia Avenue for a good view of surrounding countryside.

The first rhododendron to flower is usually in the Glen appearing in April and then the others start to bloom around the lake, reaching a peak of colour in mid-May. At the top of Lime Avenue is an interesting feature called rainbow which has four concentric arcs of rhododendrons which flower together.

A crisp view of the Chinese garden
The pagoda from the bridge

Throughout the garden, the trees are showing fresh, young foliage varying in colour from the red of the ccers in the Chinese garden to the vibrant green of the lime trees forming Lime Avenue where Bateman planted pools of ivy around their base to mimic their shadow.