Summer at Biddulph Grange Garden

cherry orchard in May

Bright sun contrasted with cooling shade, Biddulph Grange is the perfect place to visit at the height of summer as the garden of gardens makes the most of the wonderful light. Stroll along the cooling pinetum and explore the Chinese garden where the sun bounces off the golden ox or take in the colours of Mrs Bateman's garden.

There is so much to see at the height of summer and for those who like herbaceous perennials, Mrs Bateman’s garden and the boudoir garden offer a dazzling display of blooms. In the rose parterre, different varieties of the portland rose flower throughout the summer months and even onwards into October.  

The striking passion flower, found in the verbena parterre
passion flower

All of the plants in the dahlia walk are grown by the gardeners from the previous year’s tubers and the riot of colour reaches a peak early in September. There are some beautiful and unusual deciduous trees including the red oak, a variegated oak and a split-leaf lime. The golden larch, the garden’s most iconic tree, is the oldest in cultivation in this country.

The sun enhances the beautiful green of the lime trees
Lime Avenue

The Himalayan glen offers a cooler place in the heat of the summer and shows off many varieties of fern. For a peaceful walk in the shadows of mature trees, the pinetum path weaves its way between conifers, hollies, yews and oaks. A walk by the lake offers much to see including some of the resident wildlife in and out of the water.