Community works hard to clear 20 bags of waste from Bossington beach

A beach clean at Bossington beach

Community volunteering days like our 'Coffee cake and cleanup' help us look after Bossington beach for ever, for everyone, with everyone's help.

Volunteering has always been an integral part of the Holnicote Estate. Volunteers contribute thousands of hours to the maintenance and betterment of the 12,500 acres. On Saturday 24th March 2018 more than 70 people came out and volunteered at the Coffee, Cake and Clean up event which helped to remove all the unwanted litter from Bossington Beach.
The event was a big success with over 20 bags of waste being removed. This event has been running for many years as a local community event and the National Trust has over the past two years increased our involvement. This year we hosted and lead the event from Bossington Explore Site. Ruth Hyett and other local volunteers helped run the event with donations of time and cake which was appreciated by all that attended.
“With the publicity surrounding plastic currently huge, there has never been a better time to be tackling this issue and everyone that came to help out on what was a fairly drizzly and miserable day did a fantastic job” Jack Siviter (Ranger Coast and Vale)
Looking after the 775 miles of beautiful, unspoilt, coastline that the National trust cares for will only be possible with the help of our members and volunteers. Let’s hope in years to come we will be finding less plastic and eating more cake.