Riverlands Porlock Vale streams project

Rangers with water vole release cage

We rely on rivers for so much, but currently only 14% of England’s rivers are in good health. As a result of the way that we have managed our rivers, lakes and wetlands 13% of freshwater and wetland species are now threatened with extinction from Britain.

What is Riverlands?

We're setting out to reverse this trend through our 'Riverlands' project. Working with the Environment Agency, we’ll be reviving twelve of the UK’s most precious catchments, including the Porlock Vale streams which is part of a first phase of work at six catchments.

The aim is to create rivers and catchments that are clean, healthy and rich in wildlife. We want the project to inspire people to connect with rivers, nature and wildlife, increasing the relevance of rivers and other freshwaters in their lives.

The Porlock project is part of the Interreg 2 Seas Co-Adapt programme. We will be working with European partners to restore natural processes that build a more resilient catchment, develops better habitat, mitigates the impacts of climate change and provides benefits for people and nature.

Children enjoying stream dipping

Porlock Vale Riverlands appeal 

We're working to restore rivers and encourage local communities to rediscover them. Find out how you can help.