Botallack Mine – A snapshot of Cornish mining at the edge of the Earth

Tin Coast

Hwel Bostalek- Balweyth kernewek orth amal an Norvys

The online VISTA augmented reality experience has been created to give a sense of what this area was like during its mining heyday. Allowing visitors to visually experience the dirt and noise of heavy industry in contrast to the modern landscape of natural beauty.

You're invited to explore this area virtually and see what it was like at the height of industry. The Tin Coast was an area of hard rock mining where tin, copper and arsenic were mined. It played a profound role in the industrial revolution, providing some of the raw materials needed to drive the expansion of technology in the nineteenth century. The mines have been silent for many years now, nature has reclaimed the scarred landscape, with only ruins and chimney stacks left as reminders of its industrial past. The technology of the twenty first century allows us to go back in time without impacting the natural landscape. By clicking below, you will be redirected to our partner VISTA AR website, who created the experience.   

Explore the augmented reality experience Discover what Botallack was like during its mining heyday
The Crowns at Botallack Mine, viewed through the augmented reality online experience
View old engine houses at Botallack as an example of the online experience
The Crowns at Botallack Mine, viewed through the augmented reality online experience

This online experience is part of a research project looking at enhancing visitor understanding of tourist sites.The project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund, managed by the Interreg France (Channel) England Programme and led by the University of Exeter. The experience was created by the DPN lab at EESAB in France.