Gorthwedh: art project

View of the Botallack mines

The Tin Coast is a place of many contrasts. It’s abundant with nature, wildlife and geological riches as well as having a visible legacy of mining history dating back thousands of years.

‘Why is this place special to you?’ This is the question asked by Callum Mitchell, a Cornish artist commissioned to lead ‘Gorthwedh’: an evolving arts project which ran in 2019.

Gorthwedh means ‘contrast’ in Cornish, and this project reflects on the area’s industrial past, its social changes and its meaning to residents and visitors today.

Gorthwedh original film teaser

" There was no script and no agenda, my one aim was to turn the focus on some of those who are not usually given the opportunity to have their voices heard, to simply listen to people and attempt to engage them in an open conversation about their lives and how they feel about the place where they live. "
- Callum Mitchell