Gorthwedh: art project

View of the Botallack mines

The Tin Coast is a place of many contrasts. It’s abundant with nature, wildlife and geological riches as well as having a visible legacy of mining history dating back thousands of years.

‘Why is this place special to you?’ This is the question asked by Callum Mitchell, a Cornish artist commissioned to lead ‘Gorthwedh’: an evolving arts project running throughout 2019.

Gorthwedh means ‘contrast’ in Cornish, and this project reflects on the area’s industrial past, its social changes and its meaning to residents and visitors today.

Gorthwedh original film teaser

Join us to share your thoughts, feelings and experiences of the landscape surrounding you in this exploratory project on the Tin Coast.

Contemporary art project
Cornish artist Callum Mitchell

Lead Artist Callum Mitchell

With a background in playwriting, filming and curating art exhibitions, Penzance-based artist Callum has been collecting stories from people on the Tin Coast throughout the summer, exploring why this place is special to them. Gorthwedh, the original film, will be screened in a new pop-up structure from November.

Gorthwedh: an original film

Structural installation by Falmouth University

Working with Callum Mitchell to create a temporary structure which will act as both clifftop cinema and scenic overlook, are Falmouth University's Tom Ebdon and students from the BA (Hons) Architecture course. Made from recycled and reclaimed materials, the structure will be complete by 9th November. Watch this space.

About the film
Gorthwedh: an original film

Film screenings

Ten intimate screenings of Gorthwedh will air on the Tin Coast between 9 November and 1 December. Callum will be hosting a handful of artist Q&A sessions at Botallack close by, and a few additional screenings of the film will take place in accessible venues across Cornwall. Details will be announced soon.

Mark Jenkin

Cinematography by Mark Jenkin

Working closely alongside lead artist Callum, creating a textural feel for Gorthwedh on 16mm film, is Mark Jenkin. Mark is a filmmaker based in Newlyn, who is currently receiving praise for BAIT, a hypnotic film on the effects of tourism in Cornwall. Mark Kermode called it ‘A genuine modern masterpiece’.

Choughs in West Cornwall

Original score by Rick Williams

Gorthwedh's original score by the elusive Cornish based musician and composer Rick Williams, creates a beautiful, evocative atmosphere resonating throughout the film.

" “By working with Callum and Falmouth University to collect and present people’s connections to the landscape, we deepen our understanding of the Tin Coast so we can care for the place with the community in mind.” "
- Ian Marsh, General Manager Tin Coast

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Gorthwedh: an evolving arts project is taking place in Cornwall

The National Trust has commissioned Cornish Artist Callum Mitchell to lead Gorthwedh: a contemporary art project considering 'Why is this place special to you? Watch this page for details.

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