Gorthwedh: art project

View of the Botallack mines

The Tin Coast is a place of many contrasts. It’s abundant with nature, wildlife and geological riches as well as having a visible legacy of mining history dating back thousands of years.

‘Why is this place special to you?’ This is the question asked by Callum Mitchell, a Cornish artist commissioned to lead ‘Gorthwedh’: an evolving arts project running throughout 2019 - reaching into 2020.

Gorthwedh means ‘contrast’ in Cornish, and this project reflects on the area’s industrial past, its social changes and its meaning to residents and visitors today.

Gorthwedh original film teaser

**Please note these screenings have been postponed until later in the year**

New dates added: in February and March 2020, Gorthwedh the original film will be screened at community venues in West Cornwall starting with Newlyn Filmhouse on Sunday 23 February. All screenings are free to attend.

Find more information about the event at the filmhouse on their website here, and visit the Botallack website for information about screenings taking place further West.

Contemporary art project
About the film
Mark Jenkin

Cinematography by Mark Jenkin

Working closely alongside lead artist Callum, creating a textural feel for Gorthwedh on 16mm film, is Mark Jenkin. Mark is a filmmaker based in Newlyn, who is currently receiving praise for BAIT, a hypnotic film on the effects of tourism in Cornwall. Mark Kermode called it ‘A genuine modern masterpiece’.

Choughs in West Cornwall

Original score by Rick Williams

Gorthwedh's original score by the elusive Cornish based musician and composer Rick Williams, creates a beautiful, evocative atmosphere resonating throughout the film.

" There was no script and no agenda, my one aim was to turn the focus on some of those who are not usually given the opportunity to have their voices heard, to simply listen to people and attempt to engage them in an open conversation about their lives and how they feel about the place where they live. "
- Callum Mitchell

Latest updates

01 Feb 20

Free screening events start at Newlyn Filmhouse on 23 February

Gorthwedh is going on tour. After a series of screenings in the temporary pop up structure by the coast, free screenings of the original film poem by Callum Mitchell across various venues star with Newlyn Film House on Sunday 23 February.

Botallack Tin Coast Cornwall Buildings

22 Nov 19

New dates announced: for screenings in clifftop cinema

Due to popular demand new screening dates have been announced for screenings of Gorthwedh the film, in the clifftop cinema by Falmouth University. Limited tickets are available. Book now.

Botallack Tin Coast Cornwall Buildings

20 Nov 19

First two screenings of Gorthwedh take place in clifftop cinema

With the exploratory temporary structure by Falmouth University now complete, Callum Mitchell welcomes filmgoers to the first two screenings of Gorthwedh, the original film taking place in the clifftop cinema overlooking Cape Cornwall.

Botallack Tin Coast Cornwall Buildings