Box Hill orchid spotting

Common spotted orchid at Box Hill in Surrey

The UK is home to a variety of wild orchids. Here are just some of the 17 species of orchid that you might be able to spot on Box Hill.

Common spotted orchid

This orchid has up to 150 little pale pink flowers with delicate line-and-dot markings. The leaves are covered with purple blotches and the plants can grow up to 30cm tall.

Fragrant orchid

These orchids can have up to 200 densely packed pink-purple flowers, on a purplish stem. They have a sickly-sweet smell to attract insects.

Pyramidal orchid

These are a bright cerise colour, with tightly clustered flowers at the top of the stem. When clustered together, the little flowers form a distinct pyramid shape.

Man orchid

Man orchid's flowers look like a group of tiny yellow stick men, wearing over-sized hats. Up to 90 of these little men can grow on one plant stem.

Common Twayblade

This orchid's name means 'two leaves'. With the two 'legs' hanging down, they can be confused with the man orchid.

Bee orchid

The distinctive Bee orchid looks and smells like a female bee to attract male bees to pollinate it.

Bird's nest orchid

These brown orchids live under beech trees in the woods. They get their food from the fungi around the tree roots, rather than from direct sunlight.