Things to see and do at Bradley

The Great Chamber towards the window at Bradley Manor, a medieval house at Newton Abbot, Devon

Catch a glimpse of medieval history in the house; from original ceilings to medieval cat holes. Bradley is still a family home, and you get a real sense of that as you explore the house. You may even see a member of the donor family room guiding or welcoming you to the car park.

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Step back in time

Bradley has a long history; there has been a settlement on the site of the house going back to the stone age - flint blades have been found on the site, and there was an iron age fort on the hill above the house.

Discover the chapel

The chapel was licensed for service in 1428, and was desecrated in the reformation. It was subsequently used as a chicken house, billiard room, dining room and a barn. It was restored in the early 20th century by Cecil Firth, and the roof was restored in 1993.

There has been a settlement where Bradley stands since the stone age
Exterior of Bradley Manor, a medieval manor house at Newton Abbot, Devon
There has been a settlement where Bradley stands since the stone age

Relax in the garden

Bradley's informal garden is a former farmyard, and is the perfect place to gain a view of the 15th-century layout of the house. Until the mid-19th century when the gatehouse was demolished the garden space was just grazing land. Now, in this lush green space, you wouldn't know you were just a stone's throw from the heart of Newton Abbot.

Go for a walk

Why not explore the countryside surrounding the manor? The woods around Bradley are one of the best examples of natural limestone woodland and are designated Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), and meadows and a river complete this haven. Dogs are very welcome in the countryside surrounding Bradley, but not in the garden or house.


Fun for families

There's a free spotter trail for little-ones to do, which you can collect when you arrive. It challenges them to look for different things in each room, and collect points every time they find one of the items. In the garden there are some games to play such as quoits.