Cattle grazing at Brimham Rocks

Cattle grazing at Brimham Rocks, North Yorkshire

In a few years we will be introducing cattle to graze the moorland at Brimham Rocks. The cattle will be a gentle, but hardy breed, that will graze the vegetation to maintain a healthy habitat.

We are planning to erect fencing to re-introduce stock grazing on the moorland, which is common land. The grazing will help us manage the moorland more effectively and sustainably. Grazing is an important part of moorland management as livestock will graze the vegetation and eat young saplings to maintain a healthy, mixed age structure of vegetation in the habitat.

A small number of hardy cattle would perform this task three to four months of the summer and these would be a placid breed, not bulls or young cattle. The moorland is open access land, so the fence will not affect people’s movement around the site. There will be stiles or gates no more than 50m from crossing points. The fence will follow the boundary and road sides – there will be no livestock in the central main visitor area or car park.

For more details about this proposal, please read our Brimham grazing (PDF / 0.025390625MB) download  consultation letter or scroll further down here.

We are consulting visitors and local residents about these changes to the site and are keen to know how this will fit with the way our visitors and neighbours use the area. If you regularly use the site and would like access in a place we have not considered, please download Brimham Rocks grazing map (PDF / 0.2861328125MB) download , mark on it where you would like access and we will endeavour to include it in our plans. If low levels of access are required we will put a stile in over the fence, if high levels are noted, we will put in a pedestrian gate.

For more details or to give us your comments by 12th February 2018 call 01423 780688 or email or post them to us at Grazing Project, National Trust, Brimham Rocks, Brimham Moor Road, HG3 4DW.

Highland cattle grazing at Malham

Why are we thinking about grazing at Brimham Rocks?

We think grazing is the best existing method of moorland management and are soon going to be in the position of also trying it out at Brimham. This is why we believe it to be great for the moor.