Family days out at Brimham Rocks

Brimham Rocks is the perfect family day out full of exploration and investigation. With its variety of rocks, moorland and woodland Brimham is known as nature’s natural playground. The opportunities for outdoor adventures are many and varied.

Join a themed activity day

Find out what it feels like to be a geologist, join a Brimham Adventure with the rangers, take part in a Family Muck-in Day, join Harrogate Climbing Centre for a day of weaselling and bouldering. For more information about our events have a look in the Brimham What’s On section.

Volunteer Stephen leading the Geology Day.
Geology day at Brimham Rocks

Pick up an Explorer Backpack

For the enthusiastic explorers we have available backpacks full of activities from finding your way with a compass to bug hunting and measuring the height of a rock. The Explorer Backpack guides you around the site pointing out interesting bits of geology and wildlife. One pack can keep the family entertained for hours. Collect the Explorer Backpack from the visitor centre located just 10 minutes from the car park.

Can you recognise what tree it is with a blindfold on?
Fun with Explorer Backpacks at Brimham Rocks, Nidderdale, North Yorkshire

Spot the rocks

Try this downloadable guided walk to assist you on your rock exploration. Have you already noticed the Druid’s Profile and the Rabbit? Measure your footprint against the giant salamander’s who roamed Brimham over 320 million years ago. Don’t forget to say ‘Hi!’ to the Dancing Bear and crawl through the Smartie Tube.

50 things to do before you're 11 ¾

What better way to spend a day than by ticking off new exploits from our 50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾ list.  Become one of our explorers – have you already spotted a cave? Or built a den with the sticks and leaves found on site? See how many of the 30 + things available at Brimham Rocks you can achieve all year round. Grab a free scrapbook when you visit or record your adventures on the app. Don’t forget to tell us when you’ve completed an activity so we can give you a sticker for your scrapbook.

Catching Falling Leaves
Catching Falling Leaves


Join this international digital treasure hunt. Geocaches are hidden away around the rocks, moorland and woodland of Brimham. There are two separate trails. First one for the novice geocacher sticking closer to the rocky area. The second route, A(dvanced) B(rimham) C(aches), follows the Boundary Walk and offers a slight challenge to the more experienced treasure hunter. To get started just download the geocaching app, sign up and get exploring.
Look here for more information about Brimham geocaches.

Look here for more information about Brimham geocaches.

Geocache in a rock at Brimham Rocks.
Geocache at Brimham Rocks, North Yorkshire